Office Culture & Award-Winning Design: ABX 2013

Natasha Espada was the moderator and panelist for ABX 2013: Office Culture & Award-Winning Design.

How does the physical environment and culture of a firm enable the creation of award-winning design work? Do firms that consistently achieve high quality design in their work exhibit measurable qualities that can be understood and implemented in offices with similar aspirations? Does workplace design influence successful work flow through direct mentoring, collaboration, office infrastructure, knowledge sharing and exposure to quality products and tools? Does workplace design impact creativity, problem solving and innovation or is it the impact of the office culture? A panel of award-winning architects from firms of various sizes will discuss if there is a relationship between tangible physical resources and intangible culture in proven successful firms. Benefits to the profession include elevating design, improving culture and workplace design, and increasing employee retention. This is an opportunity to understand the roles that environment and culture play in the creation of award-winning design.